​Transfer Student Experience


​Student Life at UGA

Student life at UGA is dynamic and energizing. Ours is a campus that never sleeps, and while we encourage you to get sufficient amounts of rest, we want you to get involved and get engaged.

The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of 20 campus departments that enhance the learning environment for students by stimulating the learning process, integrating the in-class and out-of-class experiences, promoting an environment conducive to growth and discovery and facilitating intellectual, spiritual, social, occupational, physical, cultural and emotional development. 

Q: How do I get involved on campus?
A: Your lifeline for making the most of your time at UGA is the Center for Student Activities and Involvement (CSAI). The 700 + registered students organizations on campus represent a broad range of topics from politics to religion, sports and recreation to philanthropy and community service. There is something for everyone. Visit the involvement network, or stop by the CSAI in room 102 of the Tate Student Center if you’d like to discuss your options with a living, breathing human.

Q:  Does UGA have fraternities or sororities?
A:  Yes, UGA has 65 different organizations in four councils. See Greek Life

Q:  Where do students hang out on campus?
A:  Students hang out at the Tate Student Center, the “living room” of the UGA campus. Tate provides a safe and welcoming space for you through entertaining and educational programs, efficient and courteous customer service and opportunities for you to learn and develop. In addition to providing meeting rooms, dining facilities, and multipurpose and recreational spaces, Tate also administers nearly 700+ registered student organizations on campus as well as the major programming units University Union Student Programming BoardStudent Government AssociationWUOG 90.5FM (the student-run radio station) and Pandora Yearbook. Another hub of activity is the Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities, where you can work out, attend an exercise class or swim laps in a gigantic indoor pool. 

Q:  What do students do on the weekends? 
A:  Just because there are no classes on weekends doesn’t mean the university becomes dormant. There is no shortage of activities for students on campus and in the Athens community. Visit the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, the Georgia Museum of Art and the Special Collections Libraries. There are many movie theaters scattered around town, or you can stay on campus and see a film in the Tate Theatre. UGA has world-class sports teams, and on most weekends at least one of them is competing. Throughout the year, University Union hosts Dawgs After Dark, a Thursday or Friday late-night extravaganza featuring games, prizes, and food.

Q:  Does UGA have intramural sports? 
A:  Yes, UGA has the following options:


Q:  Are there organized social events arranged by UGA? 
A:  Yes, the best way to get involved in social events at UGA is through participation in registered student organizations, where you can meet others who share your interests and passions.

Q: I’m interested in working on campus. Is that an option?
A: In a word… yes! UGA hires hundreds of student employees every semester. Visit the Career Center.