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Aariz Hussain

Major: Finance and Real Estate

Previous Institution(s): Georgia State University

Involvement: Finance Society, Real Estate Society

Advice for Transfer Students: You will hear the phrase "Use UGA's resources!" quite a bit, but honestly have no idea what it means. This took me a while to get, but those resources include everything. And by everything I mean Faculty, Professors, Students, Alumni, Career Services, Alumni Relations, Atheletics, disability services, and the list goes on and on. Everything you see and hear about can help you in your journey and you should make it a habit to note them down and follow up!


Alixandra Minadeo

Major: Communication Studies

Previous Institution(s): College of Coastal Georgia

Involvement: Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, HEROs at UGA

Advice for Transfer Students: Be open to all new experiences and people. Things I did not expect to find interest in has shaped who I am today!

Amanda Regan

Major: Journalism

Previous Institution(s): Auburn University. University of North Georgia,
Universita Catolica

Involvement: Gamma Phi Beta Sorority

Advice for Transfer Students: You made the decision to transfer for a reason, and although you might have thoughts of doubt every now and then, your reasoning was important, and you made the right decision.

Amanda Reiling

Major: International Affairs

Previous Institution(s): Fashion Institute of Technology

Involvement: Transfer Student Experience Peer Mentor

Advice for Transfer Students: I want to remind transfer students that there is not a single person that knows 100% everything there is to know about UGA or college in general.  Look out for yourself and do what you need to in order to make this the best experience you can. I'd say this because often times people can sit in their rooms, talk themselves out of doing things, or lose part of who they are always caring that they are a little bit different than the majority. 

Amaya Archuleta

Major: Entertainment and Media Studies

Previous Institution(s): Georgia Southern University

Involvement: Transfer Student Experience Peer Mentor

Advice for Transfer Students: Be vulnerable, patient, and open to new things. There are more transfer students than you would expect. It can be easy to feel alone but by allowing yourself to be vulnerable you can meet others in your shoes and grow to feel a part of the Dawg Nation sooner than you would imagine. Ask for help when you don't understand how things work here and just be patient. It takes time to truly find your place and make new relationships, be patient and great things will happen.

Anna Golding

Major: Public Relations

Previous Institution(s): Gordon State University

Involvement: HEROs at UGA, Alpha Phi

Advice for Transfer Students: Don't be afraid to ask questions or to go the extra mile because no question is dumb and right now you might not be where you want to be but if you go the extra mile, you will pass where you thought you should be and end up where you belong.

Apoorv Singh

Major: Management of Information Systems

Previous Institution(s): Georgia State University

Involvement: Society for Management Information Systems

Advice for Transfer Students: The most important advice I would give to any student transferring to UGA, is to make sure that they be ready for both hard work and fun. This is because UGA is very competitive when it comes to grades and scholastic achievements but also a tremendous amount of fun.

Arryn Evans

Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology

Previous Institution(s): Tallahassee Community College

Involvement: Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Society, Getting Down With the Dean

Advice for Transfer Students: Don't be scared to go out of your comfort zone, whether it's riding the bus for the first time or joining an organization.

Ashley Mueller

Major: Finance

Previous Institution(s): Georgia State University, University of South Carolina

Involvement: Alpha Gamma Delta fraternity, Women in Business, and Women in Finance

Advice for Transfer Students: My biggest piece of advice is to always be present. You have to get out of your comfort zone to experience new things, and the best way to get involved is to attend as many campus events, clubs, or organizations as you can to really find your passions.

Brandon Kim

Major: Management

Previous Institution(s): University of North Georgia - Oconee

Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi, Miracle @ UGA, Shop With A Bulldawg, Society for Management Information Systems, Wesley Foundation

Advice for Transfer Students: UGA is such a large university and the advantage is there are so many different paths you can take and so many different ways you can make a name for yourself on campus. You just need to go out there, get out of your comfort zone, take advantage of every opportunity, and just be yourself because you will soon find out that there are a ton of people just like you in this large university. And to know that you have finally come "home".

Caitlin Coleman

Major: Psychology

Previous Institution(s): Georgia Southern University

Involvement: Transfer Student Experience Peer Mentor

Advice for Transfer Students: I would tell them to go make friends and find a community that gives them opportunities and work on what they are passionate about. The people you chose to hang out with become your support system so it's important that you make an effort to find people that will are going to make you feel secure and that you're happy to be around.

Cassidy Tiller

Major: International Affairs

Previous Institution(s): Kennesaw State University

Involvement: Tau Sigma National Honor Society, Sigma Iota Rho Honor Society

Advice for Transfer Students: Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and become involved! There's always many, diverse organizations around Tate recruiting members so it's easy to find one you are passionate about!

Cayman Bickerstaff

Major: Cellular Biology

Previous Institution(s): Sewanee: The University of the South

Involvement:  UGA Ultimate Team (Frisbee), HEROs at UGA

Advice for Transfer Students: Find a single person you know you can trust, and have them as your network. One of the hardest things to do is to walk into a thousand different rooms and try to fit in in all those different scenarios. I found one person I really trust and know is there for me and learned from them to get to know my way around campus and meet people and just having that one consistent connection made life so much easier!

Cynthia Ukawu

Major: Economics

Previous Institution(s): Georgia Gwinnett College and Gwinnett Technical College

Involvement: Welsey Foundation, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Advice for Transfer Students: Invest a day or two to walking around campus! Get the UGA app and try to explore as much of the departments and buildings as possible ON FOOT! Take this time to know where your classes will be held, that way when classes do start you won't be lost and late. Also learn the different bus routes before classes begin, I guarantee you'll miss a few bus stops, but this is where your knowledge(from walking and exploring UGA) comes in handy because you can literally walk to class if you got off on the wrong stop or missed the bus. Explore, explore, explore!

Dana Lam

Major: Advertising 

Previous Institution(s): Georgia State University 

Involvement: Vietnamese Student Association, Filipino Student Association, University Union, AdClub

Advice for Transfer Students: Be ready for the load of course work! It is going to be a lot different than your previous school but it's manageable if you put in the work!

Danielle St. Amand

Major: Political Science and French

Previous Institution(s): Villanova University

Involvement: Alpha Chi Omega Sorority, Spencer Frye Fellowship Program, Campus Kitchens, Camp Kesem

Advice for Transfer Students: Get involved and do not hesitate to reach out to other students and professors! You will "get out" what you "put in" to the University. Persistence in all endeavors at the University is a major factor to success.

Dennis Kagan

Major: Biological Sciences & Animal Science

Previous Institution(s): Moorpark Community College, Los Angeles Piece College

Involvement: Pre-Vet Club, Rescue-Pawz

Advice for Transfer Students: Be open and interested in what individuals have to say. This will create the foundations for future friendships and relationships.

Dylan Brown

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Previous Institution(s): Valdosta State University

Involvement: National Society of Black Engineers, Student Veterans Resource Center

Advice for Transfer Students: Get involved! UGA has many resources that students don't take advantage of mainly because they're unaware. So, join a club, attend events, be yourself and you'll make the most our of your time here.

Dylan Stancil

Major: Management

Previous Institution(s): The University of North Georgia 

Involvement: Management Society, Society of Entrepreneurs

Advice for Transfer Students: Utilize your resources! UGA offers so many great things for students from the career center to tutoring. These are so important to take advantage of because they offer you so many great insights and are staffed with wonderful people who truly have your best interests in mind.

Emily Huckaby

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Previous Institution(s): Gordon State College

Involvement: UGA Wesley Campus Ministry, UGA Honors Program

Advice for Transfer Students: Do not be afraid to jump in to the University with two feet; it is extremely important to get involved with something you care about, which will really help Athens and the University of Georgia feel like home.

Hannah Attaway

Major: Early Childhood Education

Previous Institution(s): Samford University and University of North Georgia Oconee Campus 

Involvement: UGA Wesley Foundation

Advice for Transfer Students: Find an organization on campus that you are interested in and dive right into it! It is the best way to meet people and find community at UGA.

Harrison O'Neal

Major: Management Information Systems

Previous Institution(s): University of North Georgia

Involvement: UGA Toastmasters, Redcoat Band, Phi Mu Alpha Musical Fraternity

Advice for Transfer Students: Take EVERY single opportunity to socialize, no matter how small or weird. Anything and everything is an opportunity to make friends.

Haylee Smith

Major: Management Information Systems

Previous Institution(s): Georgia Southern University

Involvement: Transfer Student Experience Peer Mentor

Advice for Transfer Students: Be proud you go to UGA, and always remember YOU are the reason you're here, and no one can take that away from you.

Henry Fletcher

Major: Journalism

Previous Institution(s): Kennesaw State

Involvement:  Red and Black newspaper, WUOG 90.5 FM radio station

Advice for Transfer Students: Get involved! This school offers so many opportunities no matter the interest. Getting involved make the UGA experience so much better.

Kalley Huddleston

Major: Entertainment and Media Studies and English

Previous Institution(s): The University of West Georgia

Involvement: WUOG DJ, Grady Newsource, Actor in student run plays

Advice for Transfer Students: Do not be afraid to talk to people in class! Most people just want to go to class, take notes, and leave, but it is okay to talk to people next to you! You will be surprised how many friends you can make!

Kate Romero

Major: Avian Biology

Previous Institution(s): University of North Georgia

Involvement: Poultry Science Club, Avian Biology, Pre-vet Club, Avian Ambassador, Inspire UGA

Advice for Transfer Students: Be involved, make friends. UGA offers the full college experience and the only thing you need to do to get this is be time-giving and fun.

Katie Busch

Major: Business

Previous Institution(s): Case Western Reserve University

Involvement: UGA Miracle, Society for Management Information Systems, UGA Club Tennis Team, Delta Zeta Sorority

Advice for Transfer Students: My advice would be to get involved in any club or organization on campus that interests you. I believe joining campus organizations is the best way to make a big school such as UGA feel smaller and a fantastic way to meet other students.

Kaylee Ewing

Major: Management Information Systems & Marketing

Previous Institution(s): Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC)

Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi, MIS Student Advisory Board,  UGA Tap Dawgs, Terry Mentorship Program 

Advice for Transfer Students: UGA is what you make it. You can sit in the front of a 300 person class, and the professor will know your name. You can sit in the back of a 20 person class, and the professor may not know your name. You choose your experience at UGA.

Lizzy Newman

Major: Marketing and Public Relations

Previous Institution(s): Georgia College and State University

Involvement: Delta Gamma, Georgia Recruitment Team, Inspire UGA

Advice for Transfer Students: Break out of your shell. UGA is a whole new, sometimes intimidatingly huge environment. Simply asking someone for directions so you can explore campus is one of the easiest ways to feel more comfortable. Whatever you do, do not be afraid to make mistake! You learn from them and the more open you are, the quicker and easier everything will fall into place.

Madison Brown

Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Previous Institution(s): Georgia Southwestern State University

Involvement: National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

Advice for Transfer Students: I would tell an incoming transfer student to be patient and don't get discouraged if they are feeling overwhelmed or lonely. This is a big school and if they don't know a lot of people here, then it can be hard to find your place quickly. I would say to give it some time because it may take a little time to really find their place.

Madison Mueller

Major: Entertainment and Media Studies

Previous Institution(s): University of Florida

Involvement: UGA Miracle, UGA HEROs, Habitat for Humanity, Dawgs for the Paws

Advice for Transfer Students: Be yourself and take chances. Being yourself is stereotypical advice, but it is important to hear prior to going to a new place. This school is full of people, you will eventually find your home with some of them, you just have to give it time; When it comes to taking chances, I mean talk to the stranger sitting next to you in class, go to a meeting for that club you were unsure of, go to events you haven't been to before. This is your last time being in a community where there are constantly things going on...usually for free! 

Mallory Goldenberg

Major: Communication Studies

Previous Institution(s): University of Alabama

Involvement: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Advice for Transfer Students: Understand the technology UGA uses early on in the semester, such as ELC, Vlab (for MIST), Athena, MyUga, etc. I had trouble figuring out where all of my assignments were, where to submit them, how to access my professors and advisors emails, and I know learning all of the technology early would have helped significantly.

MarTeisha Ashley

Major: Early Childhood Education

Previous Institution(s): College of Coastal Georgia

Involvement: Transfer Student Experience Peer Mentor Program

Advice for Transfer Students: Take advantage of all opportunities that they are given. The University of Georgia is a huge campus with endless possibilities, and students should always use this to their advantage. From the intramural sports, to the hundreds of campus clubs and organizations, UGA has any opportunity to make students feel as an inclusive part of the campus. The best way for students to captivate on their college experience is by becoming involved and finding ways to promote growth and excellence at UGA.

Molly Majerus

Major: International Affairs

Previous Institution(s): University of North Georgia

Involvement: Cru at UGA, Breaking the Shackles, Campus Prayer

Advice for Transfer Students: Change is always difficult but is undoubtedly the best way to learn.

Nabila Pranto

Major: Psychology and Criminal Justice

Previous Institution(s): Georgia State University

Involvement: GLAM Dawgs at UGA

Advice for Transfer Students: I would tell them to make sure to download the UGA app and learn the bus routes and DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK,  because I stayed getting on the wrong bus in the beginning and going in the opposite direction of where I needed to be. Others seem to be lost too you are not the only one and many of the students are helpful and can tell you the right way to go if you are feeling lost.

Olivia Fassino

Major: Food Industry Marketing and Administration

Previous Institution(s): Olivet Nazarene University 

Involvement: UGArden,  Navigators, IMPACT, UGA housing, Club Cross Country, Delta Phi Epsilon sorority

Advice for Transfer Students: UGA students are very welcoming, but during the first week, it's especially easy to find friends and people with similar interests as you. Please, do not spend this time in your dorm room/apartment. Instead, check social media for events that clubs will be hosting. Many events happen in central locations, like Myers Quad. I met some of my closest friends by walking up to people I didn't know and asking what their club was about. 

Paige Watkins

Major: Journalism

Previous Institution(s): Kennesaw State University, University of North Georgia

Involvement: Grady Newsource, Kappa Delta Sorority, Wuog 90.5 FM, Student Council for Exceptional Students

Advice for Transfer Students: Show Up, Join In, Be Real. I think this is very applicable not only in the mentor program but in all aspects. If you are putting your time towards something, go all in. I think if you look at things with these three phrases in the back of your head you will gain more insight and learn to be present, not only physically but emotionally and mentally.

Samara Pattiasin

Major: Dietetics

Previous Institution(s): Lindenwood University

Involvement: The Campus Kitchen at UGA, International Student Life UGA Football Performance Nutrition, Indonesian Students Organization

Advice for Transfer Students: Time is the key. Don't rush anything and you will find your way in the place you want to be.

Sloan Lewandoski

Major: Communication Studies & Music Business

Previous Institution(s): The University of Alabama, Georgia Southern University, Georgia State University

Involvement: PESA, UNCA Lamda Pi Eta, Active Minds, Music Business Program, Team RWB

Advice for Transfer Students: I would tell them to get as involved on campus as possible! That helped me a lot when I transferred here.

Soha Imam

Major: Business Management and Public Relations

Previous Institution(s): Georgia State University

Involvement: Pakistani Student Association (PSA) and Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Advice for Transfer Students: "Take a minute to breathe!" I would say this because as a transfer you don't realize how fast pace life at UGA can be. Once you are here things are constantly going and things can get overwhelming, so much so that we sometimes forget to take a step back/ pause and breathe. You have to take a minute to breathe and try to relax and gather your thoughts.

Stephen Ballard

Major: Management Information Systems

Previous Institution(s): Auburn University, University of North Georgia

Involvement: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

Advice for Transfer Students: Learn to build a relationship with people and teachers at your new university. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions about class or campus.

Sydney Weaver

Major: Psychology

Previous Institution(s): University of Tennessee Knoxville, University of North Georgia

Involvement: Girls Grow, NAMI

Advice for Transfer Students: Transferring may be intimidating, but UGA has a place for everyone. It may take time and effort to find, but this university is extremely diverse and has an avenue for everyone's interests.

Therese "Tessa" Visintainer

Major: Social Work

Previous Institution(s):  Augusta University 

Involvement: Transfer Student Experience Peer Mentor

Advice for Transfer Students: Be patient, don't stress too much, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there. You'll eventually adjust and meet new people. Athens is such a diverse area there is really something for everyone!

Vandan Bharat Patel

Major: Management of Information Systems

Previous Institution(s): Middle Georgia State University

Involvement: Donate Life UGA, ICE, Society of Management Information Systems

Advice for Transfer Students: There might be times where you'll feel lost within the transition to a new college, or there might be times where you fail your tests or quizzes. The best thing you can do is to take that moment and turn it into a learning experience. Always try to reach out to professors and classmates about anything that goes on during class.