​Tate Leadership Scholars



What is the Tate Leadership Scholars Program?

Tate Scholars are advocates for all student organizations registered within the Center for Student Organizations.  The Tate Leadership Scholars strive to enhance awareness of the Tate Student Center and Center for Student Organizations throughout the campus, building interest, pride, and enthusiasm for future generations of student leaders and alumni.

The Tate Leadership Scholars Program is an initiative created to:

  • Purposefully invest in organizational leaders
  • Empower emerging leaders with essential skills to increase personal growth as well as overall effectiveness as a leader
  • Create various opportunities for cross-organizational interaction and relationship building
  • Provide opportunities for students to apply leadership experiences to positions beyond the University of Georgia
  • Establish a network of leadership scholars to return and invest in future student leaders at the University of Georgia


The Tate leadership Scholars program seeks to actualize the potential of student organization leaders at the University of Georgia in the promotion of individual and community development.  The interests and experiences of each Scholar will intersect with the broader needs of student organization leaders in the pursuit of a community comprised of creative and inspired leaders who will affect positive and sustained change.

  • Focus

The Tate Leadership Scholars Program focuses on four (4) core areas, intended to strengthen the leadership capacity of each Scholar.  Each of the four core areas build upon each Scholar’s experience, while offering opportunities for challenge and growth.

  • Leadership Development and Education

The practice and application of leadership (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) and the learning and integration of leadership theories, strategies and concepts

  • Relationships

Networking and social advancement through collaboration with student organization leaders at the University of Georgia as well as members of the UGA and Athens community

  • Awareness and Understanding

An appreciation of difference, the actualization of inclusive behavior, language and impact of environments while approaching actions through social justice awareness and personal advocacy

  • Civic-Minded Learning and Engagement

Participation in service and service related activities and active engagement with community, including the University of Georgia and beyond