​Student Organizations

​Register a New Student Organization

Definition of a Student Organization

New student organizations may be registered at any point throughout the academic year. If you are interested in registering a new organization, you may be interested in signing up for New Organization Coaching.

Registered Student Organization Minimum Requirements:

  • A student organization is a group of at least six (6) UGA students joined together for a common purpose. General membership may be comprised of both full- and part-time UGA students.
  • At least two members must be officers. Only full-time students may serve as officers.
  • Community members are not considered members of the organization and are not authorized to receive the benefits of membership in a registered student organization.
  • While it is not required, it can be beneficial for student organizations to have one or more advisors, who may be University faculty or staff. Should a registered student organization select a community member to serve in an advisory role, it is understood by the organization that the community member will not be recognized by the University of Georgia.

Student Organization General Policies

Registration as a student organization at the University of Georgia is a privilege and not a right, and entails responsibilities on the part of the student organization and its members. Registration signifies a willingness on the part of the student organization to comply with state law and the rules, regulations, and policies of the University and the Board of Regents. Registration of a student organization does not constitute endorsement by the University or approval of the student organization’s policies and activities.

The University’s review of a student organization’s initial registration or registration renewal is conducted on a content-neutral basis. Therefore, the University’s approval or denial of a registration filing is not based on the mission, goals, or beliefs of the student organization requesting registration. However, a student organization will not be permitted to register or renew its registration if the University finds that the student organization:

  1. Seeks to accomplish its objectives, goals, purposes, or activities through the use or promotion of violence; or UGA Student Organization Manual 
  2. Engages in activities that materially or substantially interfere with the discipline and normal activities of the University or with the rights of others, including activities that present a danger to property, personnel, and/or the orderly functioning of the University; or
  3. Seeks personal gain; or
  4. Refuses to comply with federal or state laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Board of Regents’ policy, and/or University rules and regulations, including the University’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Code of Conduct. 

The chief officer/primary contact registering the organization is responsible for reviewing the Student Organization Manual and the policies/procedures referenced within.

New Organization Registration Process

Step 1: Search the Involvement Network to ensure the organization does not already exist.

Step 2: Review the Student Organization Manual to gain an understanding of resources, policies, and procedures relevant to leaders of student organizations. 

Step 3: The student who will serve as the chief officer and primary contact for the organization must complete all required training by watching the four training videos and completing the corresponding training quizzes with 100% correct answers. Registration will be denied for organizations whose primary contact has not completed the mandatory training modules with 100% correct answers.

Step 4: After completing the required training. The chief officer/primary contact can submit registration for the organization via the Involvement Network. Registration can be accessed by following these steps.

  • Log in to the Involvement Network (involve.uga.edu) with your UGA MyID and password.
  • Select "Organizations" from the top menu bar
  • After searching to see that your organization does not already exist, select the "Register an Organization" button
  • If your organization has been registered at UGA in the past but did not register for the 2019-2020 academic year, contact the Center for Student Activities & Involvement to unfreeze your organization's previous page.
  • If this is the first time your organization is being registered at UGA, scroll past the Re-Register Existing search and select the blue "Register a New Organization" button.

Step 5: The status of your organization's registration will be communicated through the Involvement Network. If registration is denied, please complete the required changes and re-submit until approval is granted.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Center for Student Activities and Involvement at (706) 542-6396 or involvement@uga.edu.

Preview of Required Registration Information

Page 1: Registration Instructions

Page 2: Verification of University Policy & Procedures & Student Organization Guidelines

Page 3: Annual Survey

Page 4: General Information

  • Official name and acronym (if applicable). Student organization names may not begin with “The” or “UGA.” Organizations with University trademarks in the name must upload approval for the use of trademarks within the registration form.
  • Organization description & organization description summary are required.
  • Organization's Web Site URL.This is a customized URL for your Involvement Network page. External website information is optional.
  • Social Media (optional)
  • Organization Contact Information. This will be publicly visible on the Involvement Network. Email is required. Under "Street Address," ensure that you list a campus address where you can receive mail. If you don't have an on-campus address that is not a personal residence, you may request a mailbox by listing the address as "102 Tate Student Center, Athens, GA, 30602."
  • Primary Contact information including UGA email address.This should be information for the individual who completes the required training and is currently listed as the Primary Contact for the organization.
  • Which day of the week does your organization typically hold general body meetings?
  • What time of day does your organization typically hold general body meetings?
  • How many general members does your organization have?
  • How many leadership positions does your organization offer?
  • Please list any signature events that your organization hosts as well as a description of the event(s).
  • Does your organization require dues, fees, or any other mandatory financial obligations for members? If your organization requires a financial obligation, exact amounts and frequency of payment is required.

Page 5: Profile Picture

Page 6: Trademark Approval Notification

Organizations including University trademarks (including "UGA", "University of Georgia", "Georgia", "Dawgs", "Bulldogs", etc.) in their name and/or profile image must seek approval by Trademarks & Licensing for the use of University of Georgia Trademarks and/or logos. If your organization uses University trademarks in the name and/or profile image used on the Involvement Network, please follow these steps to initiate your request for trademark approval. NOTE: Trademarks & Licensing will hold approval until all other registration requirements are met. 

  1. Submit the completed approval form to trademarks@uga.edu. 
  2. Once signed by Trademarks & Licensing, the approval form(s) should be sent to involvement@uga.edu. 

Page 7: Assigned Categories

Organizations must select “*All Student Organizations” and may select additional organization categories. This information is used in the search function of the Involvement Network.

Page 8: Organization Roster

  • Roster must include at least six (6) UGA student members and all members of the roster should have their UGA email listed. Secondary contact should be an officer of the organization other than the primary contact (reminder: officers must be enrolled full-time). 
  • University-affiliated advisors may be added to the roster but do not count toward the minimum membership requirement.
  • Up to 500 members may be added in bulk by separating email addresses with a comma, semicolon or line return.
  • Be sure to review roster to remove former/graduated members and edit positions as needed on your roster.
  • Reminder: Your roster will populate the users who have access to make reservations on behalf of your organization through the CRETS online reservation management system. 

Page 9: Advisor Information

  • While it is not required, it can be beneficial for student organizations to have one or more advisors, who may be University faculty or staff. Should a registered student organization select a community member to serve in an advisory role, it is understood by the organization that the community member will not be recognized by the University of Georgia.
  • Organizations who have an advisor must indicate whether the organization is sponsored by the University. For example, if your organization is advised by a University department, college, or school. 
  • Organizations who have an advisor must provide advisor contact information (name, email, phone, address) to the Center for Student Activities & Involvement.

Page 10: Constitution/Bylaws Upload

Please be sure to include the required components of your organization’s constitution. This includes the non-discrimination clause, elections procedure, officer removal procedure, quorum, and amendments procedure. Note: Officers must be enrolled full-time and advisors are ex-oficio members without voting privileges. Click here to view a sample constitution.

  • Upload your organization’s constitution titled, “[Organization Name] Constitution 2020-2021.”


  • Be sure to click “Submit” on the final page of the form
  • Please read any and all e-mails regarding your registration carefully, as changes may be requested.
  • You can check your organization’s status by clicking your name (located in the upper right-hand corner of the Involvement Network homepage), choosing "Involvement" on the drop-down menu, and selecting “Submissions” then “Organization Registrations”
  • Registration for the 2020-2021 academic year is not approved until all required registration information is received and an approval letter is sent via the Involvement Network.