Student Organizations​


Re-register an Existing Organization

Re-registration will be open August 14, 2017 - September 1, 2017 at midnight. If your organization fails to re-register in this upcoming window, you will no longer be a registered student organization and forfeit the ability to make campus reservations and apply for funding.

Re-Registration Timeline:

  • Opens: August 14, 2017
  • Closes: September 1, 2017

Re-Registration Process

The below steps must be completed by the student who will be 2017-18 Primary Contact of your organization (i.e.: President, Chief Officer, etc.).

1) Log in to the Involvement Network ( with your UGA MyID and password.

2) Click on the "Manage" icon. This will take you to the "Action Center" where you'll see your memberships to re-register your organization.

2) Ensure the newest Primary Contact is listed as primary contact on organization’s Involvement Network page. If they are not:

  •  New primary contact must fill out the “Primary Contact Change Form
    • Once you have received an e-mail confirming that you are listed as new Primary Contact, proceed to next step. This may take 3-5 business days. 
      • This e-mail will come from the Involvement Network, and it may be designated as spam by your inbox, so make sure to check your spam/junk folder.
  • NOTE: This ability to re-register will only be available to the student who is listed as Primary Contact. 

4) Follow all the steps needed to re-register:

  • Update Organization Information 
    • Your organization’s current information will auto-populate on the form and may need to be updated.
    • Please be sure your organization’s name and nickname follow UGA's Naming Guidelines, and indicate both an "Organization Summary" and "Organization Description."
    • Under "Street Address," ensure that you list an on-campus address where you can receive mail. If you don't have an on-campus address, you may request a mailbox by typing "102 Tate Student Center, Athens, GA, 30602"
  • Organization Constitution 
    • Upload your organization’s current constitution. Please make sure it has the most recent version of the required University clauses.
  • Categories
    • You will be asked to select the categories which apply to your organization (4 max, one of which must be "All Student Organizations").
  • Advisor
    • If your organization has an advisor, please be sure to list all contact information (including On-Campus/Work Phone & On-Campus/Work Address).
  • Organization Roster
    • Upload your organization’s roster with a minimum of 3 currently enrolled UGA student members.
  • Interests
    • Please select and rank your organization’s interests (choose between 2-5). This helps individuals with similar interests find your organization.
  • Profile Picture
    • You must upload a profile picture for your organization. Please make sure this image does not include UGA logos or trademarks for which you do not have approval.

5) Be sure to click “Submit” on the final page of the form

6) After you submit, Center for Student Activities and Involvement staff will review your form and either approve it or request changes. You will receive a confirmation email once it has been reviewed.

7) Please read any and all e-mails regarding your registration carefully, as changes may be requested. Your organization is only considered registered when your re-registration form is officially approved

8) Complete registration by September 1, 2017.

  • You can check your organization’s status by clicking your name (located in the upper right-hand corner of the Involvement Network homepage), choosing "Involvement" on the drop-down menu, and selecting “Submissions” then “Organization Registrations”
  • All communication about your registration will be through the Involvement Network
  • Organizations are not fully approved until they receive an approval letter from our office sent via the Involvement Network.