​Graduate-Professional Student Association

GPSA Minutes


The Graduate-Professional Student Organization met on August 16, 2016 in room 148 of the Miller Learning Center.  The meeting was called to order by president Michael Snell.  In attendance were 30 graduate and professional students representing 11 of UGA’s 17 schools and colleges.


A: Introductions were entertained from each student in attendance.  It was noted that every professional school was represented.

B: The GPSA name change was discussed.  The new name reflects our inclusion of professional students and membership to the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students.

C: The GPSA sponsored event at orientation was reviewed. 750 students attended the event.

D: Support for the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair was reviewed.  A goal amount of fundraising was determined, and it was agreed that the group will collaborate with the Student Government Association.

E: IRIS was presented to the group and discussed.  A planning committee will be formed in month to come. It was noted that IRIS is a national research symposium with an associated grant-funding mechanism.

F: Future GPSA meetings will follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

New Business:

A: Resolution 2016-1-1 To Dissolve and Reform the GSA Constitution. A motion was made by Johnita Daniel to place on the September 2016 agenda, seconded by Josh Cohen, and confirmed by voice vote.

Old Business:

     There was no old business and the meeting was adjourned until September 20th.