​Freshman Programs



Freshman Programs is comprised of three individual groups--Board, Connect, and Forum--who seek to represent the freshman class within the governance structure of the Student Government Association. Freshman Programs provides the opportunity for first-year students to engage with their peers, build community, network with other student leadership and various campus administrators, work towards improving the campus community, and develop their overall leadership skills.

Freshman Board is an advocacy body responsible for representing the freshman class. Comprised of 15 first-year students, Freshman Board members work on campus initiatives in small groups and on one collective project each year. Members will take an active leadership role within SGA, meet key campus leaders and administrators, formulate an initiative they are passionate about, and represent and vote on behalf of their peers within the SGA Senate. 

Freshman Connect is responsible for serving as advocates to their peers on behalf of the Student Government Association and also as first-year representatives on various SGA initiatives. Members will work alongside each other and upperclassmen SGA members to accomplish the goals of these initiatives and programs. Comprised of 30 students, Freshman Connect will seek to uphold University traditions while growing relationships with each other and serving their communities.

Freshman Forum is a service-based leadership program that exposes freshmen to service and leadership opportunities on campus and in the community. The 60 students selected will work to plan and implement community service projects, learn from and network with experienced student leaders and campus administrators, discover what it takes to be a successful leader at UGA and beyond, serve as active members of SGA on campus, and interact with a strong cohort of their peers.

Applications for each program are released during the summer prior to the academic year beginning. All first-year, incoming students are eligible to apply. Interviews occur during the beginning of the fall semester.

If you have any questions, please visit SGA's website.