S.O.A.R. Awards


Most Innovative Program

Awarded to the student organization that positively advanced the UGA community through sponsoring a groundbreaking project or program. Applicants should be able to describe their program/event’s creativity and innovation.

Outstanding Cross-Cultural Program

Awarded to the student organization that realizes no community can reach its fullest potential without celebrating and encouraging respect for diversity and works to create a more-inclusive climate. This program will have improved the UGA campus climate by working to present a program or series of programs of lasting impact that increases the understanding of different cultures and provides opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges. Applicants should be able to demonstrate how their program benefitted the University community during and after the time of the event, as well as articulate what attendees learned as a result of participation.

Commitment to Social Justice

Given to a student group or student led-initiative whose programs or efforts educate people on social justice issues on campus and/or abroad and have shown evidence of a significant impact on addressing power, privilege, and discrimination to foster inclusiveness and a socially-just society.

Outstanding Service to the Community

Awarded to one large (50+ members) and one small (less than 50 members) student organizations that exemplify exceptional organizational service to the UGA and/or Athens community. These organizations will have given their time and/or talents to positively advance a campus or community issue. If applicable, applicants are encouraged to look beyond their philanthropic efforts to the actual service that was completed.

Outstanding Campus Event

Awarded to one large (120+ attendees) and one small (less than 120 attendees) program or event sponsored/hosted by a student organization. Applicants should demonstrate exemplary skills in ideation, planning, promotion, and execution of the event. Event must have occurred between February 13, 2016, and February 9, 2017.

Organizational Improvement

Awarded to the student organization that has taken significant steps in order to improve its overall level of effectiveness from one year to the next. Applicable improvement should have occurred from March 2016 to present.

Organizational Collaboration

Awards to two or more registered student organizations that have embraced the spirit of collaboration through co-sponsorship and partnership of an activity or event. Collaboration is about more than shared resources; it is also about shared vision, planning, and purpose of an event meant to reach a greater segment of the University community.

Outstanding New Organization

Awarded to the student organization that displayed tremendous promise and potential through its purpose, structure, and programs during its first year of existence. Only organizations registered as a new student organization since March 2016 will be considered.

Organization of the Year

Awarded to the student organization, which through its activities, programs, and projects, has had a significant positive influence on the University of Georgia campus and local communities. This award is based on the quality of events hosted, quality of service performed, and participation in other campus events. This organization will have demonstrated their initiative to further advance the collegiate experience of UGA students beyond the classroom.

Awards Requiring Nomination

Advisor of the Year

Awarded to the student organization advisor who has gone above and beyond the basic expectations of an advisor. The nominee must be an active advisor of a registered student organization.

Bulldog Vision

Awarded to a student or group of students (e.g., executive board, committee, etc.) who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and vision. Nominees for this award will have helped their organization and/or community envision the future, identify paths to success, and implement their vision for the betterment of their organization and/or community.

Pillar of the Community

Awarded to an individual or entity affiliated with the UGA community, but not necessarily with any one organization, who assists others above and beyond the call of duty. This award highlights the behind-the-scenes contributions that further the mission of the institution. Those eligible include faculty, staff, community members, and students.

Candice Sherman Emerging Leader

Awarded to a first- or second-year student who has demonstrated leadership qualities within their organization on campus or in the community. Nominees should display the potential and desire to give back to the university and community through their leadership. Potential is not measured merely by position held, but rather the significant contributions the individual has made on campus or in the community. Award recipients will demonstrate that they have participated in experiences that have helped develop their leadership skills