​Leadership Programs

New Organization Leadership Institute

NOLI Overview:

This program is intended for leaders of newly registered student organizations which have been registered for the first time in either 2018-19 or 2019-20 OR organizations which have re-registered for the first time in several years. This is a year-long, cohort based program that will take place during both fall and spring semesters. This program is open to any member of a newly registered student organization, not just chief officers. 

NOLI will provide access to resources and intentional training based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development to equip leaders of new student organizations for future success of their organizations. By participating in NOLI, student leaders will:

  • Engage with a cohort of peers involved in new student organizations
  • Plan for the future success of their organizations 
  • Gain fundamental training in various student organizations processes 
  • Learn about specific campus resources
  • Participate in the Collegiate Leadership Conference for free
  • Examine and articulate their own leadership philosophy 

Our Purpose:

We are seeking to actualize the potential of new student organization leaders at the University of Georgia in the promotion of individual, group, and community leadership development. The interests and experiences of each member will intersect with the broader needs of student organization leaders in pursuit of community comprised of creative and inspired leaders who will affect positive and sustained change. 

Requirements & Expectations:

  • Be a member of a newly registered student organization
  • Submit a NOLI application located on the Involvement Network
  • Attend bi-weekly NOLI seminars
  • Participate in at least one Presidential Summit per semester
  • Participate in both the August and January Involvement Fairs
  • Attend the Collegiate Leadership conference in February (registration fee is covered by participating in NOLI)
  • Complete regular planning and reflection assignments
  • Spend time outside of seminar meetings working on related student organization projects


Applications for the 2020-2021 cohort of NOLI will be available in Spring 2020