​Involvement Ambassadors


Involvement Ambassadors are a select group of experienced student leaders who are passionate about serving as a resource for student involvement. Ambassadors serve as liaisons between student organizations and the rest of the student body by exemplifying the benefits of getting involved on campus, highlighting campus resources, and connecting students with involvement opportunities.

Why promote involvement?

  • Getting involved eases the transition from high school to college, allowing students to feel connected to their school and reduce feelings of homesickness.
  • Getting involved helps to meet like-minded people who have similar interests & helps students find their “place” on campus.
  • Involved students are more likely to graduate and feel satisfied with their college experience.
  • Involved students learn important life skills outside of the classroom, such as leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
  • Students who are involved build leadership and teamwork skills that will aid them in future employment opportunities - involvement always looks good on a resume!

What Involvement Ambassadors offer students?

  • Information about the University of Georgia’s 800+ student organizations
  • Individualized and confidential one-on-one sessions with ambassadors to help you find the best organization fit for you
  • Assistance with discovering your interests and passions
  • Assistance in determining how much time you have to devote to being involved and what particular opportunities might be best for you
  • Get you connected and involved with student leaders and other resources across campus