UGA Center for Student Activities and Involvement

CSAI Service Continuity Information

Currently, CSAI staff are working remotely and are not physically present in Tate Student Center due to UGA's COVID-19 guidance. However, our staff will work to engage students online during the instruction suspension and when classes resume. CSAI's service continuity information can be found by clicking "Learn More" below.

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Digital Engagement Resources for Student Organizations

Valuable guidance and resources for chief officers and advisors of student organizations to keep students engaged online during time away from campus.

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Unite ticket elected to top posts in UGA student government

Following a run-off with more than 11,000 students voting, the Unite ticket has been elected to the top posts in the Student Government Association.

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Transfer Student Experience

The Transfer Student Experience is a network of programs and resources designed to help you interact and connect with other students as you transition to becoming a successful student at the University of Georgia.

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​University Union

University Union plans a variety of events for the entire student body - from concerts and lectures, to movies and late-night programs. The best part is that all of Union's events are planned for students, by students!

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Upcoming Events

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